WNBA Team Desires Singer 1st, Asst. Coach 2nd

Good to see the Los Angeles Sparks having their hiring priorities straight. Over on the front page of the WNBA team’s website, a large story pops up announcing that the Sparks are looking for singers to perform the pre-game National Anthem.

Los Angeles Sparks anthem singers wanted

But just below that - and in much smaller type - is a small blurb asking for auditions for another helpful team position.

Los Angeles Sparks assistant coach wanted

The Sparks are also looking to get another assistant coach, someone to help ease the workload of head honcho Michael Cooper and fellow assistant Larry Smith.

Based on the placement of both ‘help wanted’ articles, it’s easy to see which job takes more precedent. But what if someone thinks they can do both - belt out a tune and diagram a blocking play?

Fortunately, resumes and audition DVDs for both jobs go to the same address: 888 South Figueroa St. Suite 2010, Los Angeles, CA 90017.

Think of the money you’ll save on postage!