WNBA Season Opens As Walls Continue Closing In On League Sue Bird Belly Shirt A Savior

SUE BIRD IN A BIKINI BRIEF IS ANSWER TO WNBA DECLINE: Of course, there’s NO WAY we’re going to go through the day without mentioning the WNBA lid-lifters this weekend.

Sue Bird

SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY has this handy chart of league attendance over the years (what a pretty bell curve!):

WNBA Attendance

USA TODAY gives us a women’s basketball player uniform slideshow, chronicling the (so-called, in some cases) advances that women have made in the getup department.

WNBA Uniforms

In order to reverse the league’s sagging attendance and TV ratings, you wonder how long it will be before desperate measures are enacted. Like, for instance, adopting unis similar to the Australian Women’s National Team:

Australia Opals

Unfortunately for 99 percent of the league, that probably isn’t such a great idea either.

Sue Bird Pierced Belly Button

About the only thing that we can think of to stem the alarming fan apathy is suit up Sue Bird in a special bikini-brief ensemble. I have to admit, if she showed more skin, I’d be first in line to get a gander.