WNBA Doesn’t Want You To See Lesbians Kissing

There comes a time for every parent when he has to explain the birds and the bees to his children. But when your child is a women’s basketball fan, your job is even more awkward. Just ask poor Mike Wise of the WASHINGTON POST.

lesbian kiss cam

Recently he had to explain to a child (presumably his own) why the Washington Mystics don’t have a kiss cam. You see, Melissa, when two lady WNBA fans love each other very much …

A bit confused by the situation, Wise went to Mystics management and asked the question himself. Their answer was refreshingly blunt.

The Mystics don’t want their fans to see lesbians kissing. But I thought that lesbians were their fans. Ahh, that’s just a myth. Only some of the fans are lesbians, apparently.

“We got a lot of kids here,” Sheila Johnson, the Mystics’ managing partner, said when asked last week at a game. “We just don’t find it appropriate.”

Devon Goldsmith, returning to her seat for last Thursday’s game between Washington and Chicago, understands Johnson’s rationale — begrudgingly.

“It’s one thing for Daddy and Mommy to be kissing, but Mommy kissing Mommy?” said Goldsmith, a 26-year-old systems analyst from Silver Spring. She also happens to play linebacker for the D.C. Divas semipro women’s football team and is openly gay. “I don’t think people are ready for it now.

“I can see people at the box office, saying, ‘I want my money back.’ You don’t want to curb the fan base by giving something they’re not ready for.”

Have you seen a kiss cam lately, Devon? Very few Mommies and Daddys are involved. And what about this, Devon? WHAT ABOUT THIS?

I’d say that the Mystics are alienating their fan base with this policy, but I’m not sure they actually have a fan base. When a league walks the fine line of solvency as does the WNBA, perhaps sins of omission are not such a bad thing. After all, no Mystics fans are actually clamoring for a kiss cam, as far as I know. Why manufacture trouble?

Then again, it just goes to show how far we have to go on the gay equality issue. If two girls can’t be shown kissing at a WNBA game, they can’t be shown kissing anywhere. This is also not the first time that the Mystics have raised the ire of the gay community.

So just to recap: WNBA kiss cam, forbidden. WNBA Jam Cam, still OK.