WKU Players Going Door To Door To Sell Tickets

Magazine subscriptions, candy, Girl Scout cookies. These are several things that someone might attempt to sell to you by going door to door. However, in the world of Division I-AA football (or, if you must, the Football Championship Subdivision), college football season tickets are a possibility, particularly if you happen to be in a neighborhood near Western Kentucky University.

WKU Football Fans

No word if mascot Big Red will come along to hawk stubs with the team next Tuesday and Thursday.

The BOWLING GREEN DAILY NEWS informs us that the price is very reasonable, equaling out to $25 for all five home games. Coach David Elson says it gives the players a look at the business side of athletics as well as gets them interacting with the community. Plus, like every good door-to-door fundraiser, there’s a prize for the participants who sell the most:

Players and coaches from the team who sell the most tickets will be treated to a steak dinner at the team’s annual cookout during preseason camp, while the other three teams will dine on lesser fare.

Beats the gift certificates most schools give the kids who top out on candy sales, and it helps that you can’t eat your own stock.