WKU Lets Alleged Counterfeiting Hoopster Play

Problem: the NCAA doesn’t allow athletes to be paid, meaning that even though they are potentially making big time money for their schools, they aren’t seeing a dime of it. But Western Kentucky women’s basketball player Arnika Brown allegedly had a solution. Hint: it involved a really nice printer and a lot of ink.

Arnika Brown in Catch Me if You Can

Brown, the Sun Belt Conference Freshman of the Year last season, was indicted last week on 11 counts of forgery and five additional misdemeanor counts of “theft by deception” after police say she was caught trying to pass off the phony money at several local businesses. But fear not, Lady Hilltoppers fans - the BOWLING GREEN DAILY NEWS says that the school has determined that she can keep playing while she awaits trial.

Since when did Tom Osbourne start coaching women’s basketball?

Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt here: maybe someone gave her some Obama $3 bills as a joke and she got confused on thought it was real. Or perhaps she was just practicing in case she needed any tickets to Texas Tech games this season.

WKU Athletic Director Wood Selig (a dirty joke just waiting to happen) said that the decision was made after consulting with the school’s standards of conduct policy and student-athlete handbook. And what do you know? Nothing in there about “don’t get caught printing out $100 bills like they were 2-for-1 coupons to the Bunch of Lunch at Shakey’s.”

You’ll recognize the rest of Selig’s comments from, oh, I don’t know, any friggin’ time any “student athlete” has been arrested who is a star player and therefore really needs to play that season. “Due process,” “innocent until proven guilty” and so on:

“Both clearly indicate we reserve the right to handle matters such as this on a case-by-case basis,” Selig said. “It is important to remember an individual is innocent until proven guilty, and it is important to remember each situation has its own unique set of circumstances that must be considered.”

I’m sure that fact that she was a second-team all-conference player this preseason from a team that went to the NCAA Tournament isn’t the “unique set of circumstances” that Selig considered, right? Wink wink. Somewhere, that giant red blobby thing that is the school’s mascot is weeping  - giant red blobby tears.