Wizards Are Mad They Can’t Buy Obama Shoes

Of all the stange goings-on in Washington right now — and anyone who has seen a live shot of the National Mall in the past two days can attest to the fact that a lot of weird crap is going on — none can compare with one Brooklyn entrepreneur, who decided the best way to make a quick buck was to rip off Converse’s Chuck Taylor All Star 2K shoe design (remember those?) and hastily adapt it to celebrate Barack Obama’s inauguration.

obama shoe
(Yes, the inauguration festivities have officially jumped the shark.)

Not surprisingly, the entrepreneur in question, one Mitchell Rose, had the shoes made in China and shipped over for the inauguration, where he’s peddling them throughout D.C. According to NBC NEW YORK, he’s charging a whopping $60 per pair for what amount to Payless knock-offs with a bad rubber portrait of the president-elect.

Yet, as mad as prospective buyers of Rose’s cheapo kicks may be, they’re not as upset as a group of D.C. natives who are just mad that they can’t even be there: The Washington Wizards.

According to THE WASHINGTON POST’s Ivan Carter, Wizards interim coach Ed Tapscott, All-Star guard Caron Butler and a handful of other Wizards pseudo-celebrities are not at all pleased about being shipped out to the West Coast during the Obama inauguration and affiliated celebrations. They’ve already missed out on one official “All-Star bash” co-hosted by Clinton Portis and attended by the likes of P. Diddy, will.i.am and a host of other hip hop stars.

caron butler grimace
(Tough Juice is not pleased about being in Oakland.)

Here’s what Butler, in particular, had to say about facing off with Golden State today:

“That was something I was really looking forward to,” Butler said. “Seeing it on television will be a little different and it’s going to have a little different effect. I wanted to be there personally, be a part of history but my wife will be present recording everything, her and my baby brother. It’s just crazy to be here in the city and not be able to enjoy the moment but that’s the NBA.”

Just think: He’s missing out on an endorsement opportunity with Mitchell Rose by not being there, too. At $60 a pop, he’s probably got more cash to throw around than Nike or Adidas, anyway.