Witnesses Testifying To Jeremy Mayfield Meth Use

It’s basically impossible to sum up the Jeremy Mayfield meth saga in one paragraph, much less one sentence, but - in true Blogfrican fashion - we’re gonna do it anyway! Near as we can tell, it’s this: “NASCAR: Um, we have tests that say Mayfield is a meth user. Mayfield: Nuh uh! Nuh uh nuh uh nuh uh! NASCAR: Yeah, holy crap, yes you are. Mayfield: You suck and I hate you!”

Jeremy Mayfield
(How can he be doing meth? I can see his teeth. All of them.)

Really, that’s as much as we can divine from this mess. Lengthy court battles, fake doctors, wild accusations - LeBron be damned, this has to be the soap opera of the year. And now it looks like NASCAR is tightening the screws on their case against Mayfield.

First, when it comes to the wild seven-hour delay on his most recent positive drug test, Mayfield told a federal court that he found out about it via a voicemail that he didn’t receive until forty minutes after the call went out, too late for him to submit the test on time. And federal court, as you might imagine, is a place where you really don’t want to lie. Weirdest thing, though, via the ASSOCIATED PRESS:

NASCAR provided a transcript of the actual conversation between Mayfield and Regina Sweeney, an employee of Aegis Sciences Corp., which runs NASCAR’s drug-testing program. NASCAR said it would provide the recording upon request.

“I’m calling on behalf of NASCAR who has requested that you take a drug test today within the next two hours … and I was going to help find you a location that you could go to based upon where you are right now,” Sweeney said in the transcript.

“Right, well I’m gonna have to — let me talk to my attorney first. … So, and I’ll get back with you,” Mayfield is quoted as replying.

According to Mayfield’s affidavit from last week, he was in a meeting and did not receive the message until 2 p.m. and it was 2:44 p.m. when he was finally told what labortatory to go to — making it impossible for him to meet the testing deadline.

“Mayfield appears to have completely “forgotten” that he had a live conversation with Ms. Sweeney … in which she advised him he could go to a testing place … the address of which Mayfield did not take down because he wanted to talk to his attorney first,” the filing said.

Jeremy. Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy. All we can do is shake our heads sadly anymore. We were pretty sure it was obvious, but just for the sake of reiteration, so there’s no doubt whatsoever: the feds check on things you say. Lying is an insanely bad idea. It just makes them mad.

Worse yet, NASCAR now has multiple witnesses who are testifying to repeated methamphetamine use by Mayfield. This isn’t the first time we’ve had news like this; recall that earlier, Mayfield’s mother-in-law said she witnessed preparation, use, and purchase of the drug by Mayfield (His response, naturally, was to call her “basically a whore.” Good times.).

Well, according to THAT’S RACIN, either Mayfield’s just hounded by basic whores, or he’s got a serious problem on his hands:

NASCAR has a “significant number” of witnesses who will testify that suspended driver Jeremy Mayfield used methamphetamines, a NASCAR official said Monday.

The official said those witnesses would testify to recent and long-term use.


Mayfield looked to have a leg to stand on when he produced a clean sample that was allegedly taken at the same time as his most recent positive drug test. At that point, his repeated assertions that NASCAR was spiking his samples actually seemed to have some merit.

But this is bad news. Lying about basic, important elements of a case (oh, did we mention that he also lied about being told to go home and wait for drug testers? Because you’ll never guess what he… oh, you guessed correctly. He did lie.) is a dead giveaway of deliberate deception. Innocent people don’t do that. Not unless they’re complete idiots.