Witness: Henry’s “Head Was Inside Cabin Window”

Charlotte flagship NPR station WFAE-FM reporter Greg Collard reports an eyewitness account of yesterday’s Chris Henry incident in progress:

Chris Henry Killed in Car Accident

Jed Beck passed the truck on a lunch break. He says the driver appeared under control, but he saw Henry atop a large tool box in the truck bed.

“And his head was poking inside the cabin window, so his head was in the truck. And his body was outside, and he’s holding on - his arms were completely outstretched holding on to both sides…and didn’t have a shirt. Me and my co-worker thought it was completely bizarre because it was 40 degrees outside.

It isn’t clear how many people were within a clear vantage point of the road where Henry fell to his eventual death. Obviously eyewitness accounts like Beck’s will be critical in an attempt to piece together what happened that day.

You can listen to the 911 calls and get more info about the incident here.