With 12-Pac, Cougars Should Be Attractive Enough

There’s nothing to wonder about Pac-10 expansion. If it happens, it’ll be BYU and Utah. Perhaps the conference could interest another school of similar stature to join the league, but unless that school is Texas, it won’t unseat BYU.


(Or a mere 40 of OE in this case)

From a competitive, financial and logistical perspective, there’s not enough financial upside a non-BYU school could provide to not go Cougs and Utes. Especially considering the state of Utah’s ultimate trump card - as noted today by SALT LAKE DESERET NEWS columnist Dick Harmon.

Harmon observed today that if the Pac-10 tries to claim Utah but not BYU for its league, the Utah Governor Gary Herbert has legal precedent that could block the move.

If Utah received an invitation but BYU did not, would an ultra-conservative, right-wing state Legislature soon hear a bill mandating Utah, a state school, remain tied to the same conference as BYU? It could become law.

Could Utah’s Gov. Gary Herbert, a native of Utah County, sign an executive order telling the Pac-10 any invitation to a university in the state must to be a two-team deal? Texas governor Ann Richards set that precedent in the early ’90s when the Southwest Conference disbanded and the Big 12 invited Texas, Texas Tech and Texas A&M.

“Not without my Baylor,” was Richards’ edict.

Recall this is also the home state to Orrin Hatch, who has been the primary political leader in the assault on the B.C.S.

To properly pack 12, Larry Scott & Co. will have no choice to force down both Salt Lake schools, no matter how homogenized the product.