Wisconsin Marching Band Suspended For Hazing

Well, here’s not something you see every day. The entire marching band for the University of Wisconsin have been suspended from taking part in today’s game against Ohio State because of “allegations of hazing, alcohol abuse and sexual misconduct”.

Wisconsin Marching Band

According to ESPN.COM, when band director Mike Leckrone told the kids yesterday they’d be staying home, he felt like he “hit them between the eyes with a sledgehammer”. Which is probably the kind of hazing stuff that got them in trouble in the first place.

While the sordid details have yet to be released regarding exactly what went down - come on Smoking Gun, get on that! - if it’s anything like the band’s infamous 2006 Michigan trip, the description’s going to read like the Starr Report.

THE CAPITOL TIMES have a pretty in-depth description about what went down back in 2006, putting the band on probation in the first place:

Chancellor John Wiley called the band’s behavior on that 2006 Michigan trip, “boorish to patently dangerous and unlawful.” That included semi-nude suggestive dancing by some members, and women being forced to kiss other women to be allowed to enter bathrooms on the band bus. One student complained he had his head shaved during the trip.

A female band member complained of being forced to suck on a sex toy during a hazing incident, while other women complained of being forced to draw pornographic pictures for older male band members, and recite obscene limericks.

Others said they were ordered to read aloud to older band members explicit accounts of their sexual preferences composed by others for them to read.

My, oh my. This bunch really puts the “sin” in “Wisconsin”. The band will resume practice on Tuesday, although it will not perform again until the investigation is complete. Here’s hoping they get it resolved quickly and quietly. And then leak the details to us.

(Whew. Got through it without having to resort to that silly American Pie reference. You’re welcome.)