Football Coach With 0-40 Record Up For Promotion

A Canadian football coach with a perfect gridiron record is up for a raise. This wouldn’t seem so odd - save for the fact that his perfect record is 0-40.

Steve Howlett University of Toronto football coach

The TORONTO STAR has the story on Steve Howlett, head coach for the University of Toronto Varsity Blues. And Howlett has seen nothing but the blues, as he has yet to taste victory during his five years on the U of T sidelines.

Despite this, Steve could be named a senior athletic instruction by the university’s board. Apparently, it’s general procedure for Canadian university employees - including winless football coaches - to be reviewed every five years. We’re not sure what exactly the new job would entail, but we do know it means more money.

Howlett thinks the possible raise shouldn’t affect his coaching status, as he believes he’ll still have the headset on for the 2008 season. And he still has confidence in himself:

I think I’m a great coach and not everyone has the perseverance and resilience like me.

Wow. Howlett is either very persistent or very stupid. But if Steve does stay on to lose for another day, it shows there’s hope for Isiah yet (but not for Knicks fans).

And that Canadian colleges don’t have to worry about big-buck boosters.