Wimbledon: When Ball Girls, Gisela Dulko Attack

Apparently we have a new poster girl of tennis (why was I not informed sooner?) after Argentine Gisela Dulko upset Maria Sharapova in the second round of Wimbledon on Wednesday. But lovely Gisela took a back seat today to a ball girl who got swamped by the press after having played against Tommy Haas on Wednesday. Hmm, that’s odd.

Here are the action photos of Michael Llodra colliding with ball girl Erin Lorencin on Wednesday during his match with Haas. Llodra was injured and had to withdraw, so Haas decided to make the best of things and challenged random ball girls and boys to play against him at Court No. 1, including Chloe Chambers, who hit with him for about five minutes.


“I’m just over the moon that I got to play with Tommy on Court 1. It was just amazing,” Chambers said on Thursday. “I was very nervous, to play on Court 1 in front of thousands of people. I just didn’t want to muck up.”

She seemed less nervous facing the media, and made clear that she enjoyed her unexpected fame.

“To be handed the racket, and to get this much publicity over it, it’s amazing,” she said. “Words can’t even describe how lucky I was.”

Lorencin escaped unharmed from the collision with Llodra — who helped her back up and gave her a hug — but said it wasn’t the best way to end up on TV. “It is really embarrassing,” she said. “My little brother was very pleased and laughing.”

That’s not the biggest controversy so far, however. A local church is taking heat for charging for Wimbledon parking and letting the cars park in a cemetery. And suddenly we have the plot of Dan Brown’s next novel!

The St. Mary’s church had been charging 20 pounds to let cars park at the graveyard during the first week of the Wimbledon championships, but drew criticism after pictures were published of vehicles parked between the tombstones.

The church apologized Thursday, saying it has used an adjacent field as a parking lot for years during Wimbledon, and always gives the proceeds to charity or church activities.

“Sadly, this year, some cars were parked in inappropriate places,” the church said. “St. Mary’s is investigating to see how this happened and no further car parking will be allowed in the churchyard. … The vicar of St Mary’s is sorry for any offense that has been caused.”

No word yet on the vicar’s reaction to Ms. Dulko:

Gisela Dulko

Gisela Dulko

Gisela Dulko

Gisela continues her Wimbledon run with a third round match against Nadia Petrova on Friday.

Thursday’s results.

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