Will Yankee Announcer John Sterling Use A-Bomb For A-Rod Home Run Call Against Dice K?

YANKS “A-BOMB” RADIO CALL ROLLS DICE WITH PC POLICE: In case you haven’t heard John Sterling’sAn A-Bomb from A-Rod!” call of Alex Rodriguez’s game-winning home run against the Indians yesterday, here’s the audio.

Dice-K A-Rod A-Bomb

Dave Smith of Sporting News Radio asked today what many will be thinking as the Yankees embark on their Red Sox rivalry beginning tonight, “If John Sterling had said ‘A-Bomb’ and Alex Rodriguez had hit it (the home run) off of Dice-K (Japanese pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka), would he get in trouble for that?”Do you think the Yankee organization needs to send a memo to Sterling that says ‘We love that call but not when there’s a Japanese pitcher on the mound. After the Imus thing we don’t need that kind of trouble in our corporate lives here in New York.’”

Smith then concluded, “I wouldn’t do it if I were Sterling.

Dice-K fans

Maybe it’s just me, but knowing Sterling, I’m guessing he just thought the call was clever and didn’t attach a potential ulterior meaning to it. And if Dice-K had been pitching, I wouldn’t have been surprised if he’d let it slip out. The fact that he used it now (and people are now bringing up the Japanese connection) probably will save him from making the mistake in the future.

John Sterling Iron Chef

Otherwise, Sterling might’ve ended up on the Iron Chef trying to explain himself.