Will The Village People’s Halftime Show Top Hoff?

In terms of halftime shows for mediocre bowl games, the gauntlet has been thrown down. The Las Vegas Bowl fired the first shot by announcing that David Hasselhoff would be bringing his unique vocal talents to their extravaganza. But Sun Bowl organizers have followed that up with a bombshell announcement of their own: The Village People will be performing at halftime.

The Village People

That’s right, the group that brought you such hits as “In The Navy” and “Go West” will be thrilling the crowds who are too drunk or sleepy to head out to the concession stand. Of course, the band was chosen for their connection to the city of El Paso and their background with the traditional … wait, I was thinking of Marty Robbins, and he’s been dead for 25 years. I have no idea what The Village People have to do with El Paso other than being affordable.

Sun Bowl organizers hope to break the Guinness World Record for the largest dance of “YMCA” of 13,588 set at a minor-league baseball game back in 2001. Which seems pretty ambitious - not getting that many people to dance to such an insipid song, but that there would be almost 14,000 people at the Sun Bowl.

But before you go booking your plane tickets to El Paso, know one thing: these aren’t your coked-up uncle’s Village People from his days at Studio 54. Three of the six members are replacements. While you are getting the real-deal G.I., construction worker and Indian, the cowboy, leather man and cop are fakes. Buyer beware.

The halftime show will also feature the marching bands of Pittsburgh and Oregon State. Which will probably be as close as most of the members of The Village People ever get to the Beavers.