Will the NFL Soon Have Its First Female Referee?

I’m a ladies man. Not in the sense that I hook up with a lot of chicks, but more along the lines of my belief in equality for women. Which is why I’m all for Erin Meehan having her dream of becoming an NFL referee come true.

female ref

The 37-year-old Fort Lauderdale, Fla., resident refs all levels of football, from youth leagues to semi pro games. And from what I can tell about her, she sounds as though she loves football so much that she’d ref an electric football game if you’d let her.

From August to December, I have no life outside football,” she says. “When the Super Bowl comes every year, I’m in mourning because I know it will be so long before the season starts back up. … My religion is basically football.”

But her biggest problem, besides being a woman trying to crack through the boys club of NFL referees, is her height. At 5-foot-3, Meehan is about as tall as your average 14-year-old boy, meaning she might have a hard time seeing over and around the giants bodies of NFL players.

Gibert Brown

Whatever. Have you seen some of the calls these 6-foot male refs make? She can’t be any worse than the guy who gave Vinny Testaverde that TD against the Seahawks all those years ago, or anyone on that crew of the Steelers-Seahawks Super Bowl. I’m not a Seattle fan, I swear. Just the first two examples of bad reffing that popped into my head.