Will NFL Branded Condoms Be Hitting Your 7-11?

As you may have heard, it will be a blue Christmas for more than 150 NFL employees, who will lose their jobs as part of some financial belt-tightening by the league in response to the recession. But that’s apparently not the only way the NFL is being impacted by the economy’s collapse. Paul Domowitch of the PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS says that some owners have floated the idea of selling ad space on jerseys, like in NASCAR or European soccer.

NFL Condoms

And NFL owners are so desperate for cash, that they apparently would be willing to let you put team logos on just about anything:

“This may be the one time you could get an NFL condom license,” said an executive for one of the league’s larger licensees. “If you’ll give them a $50,000 guarantee for 3 years, they’ll let you be a licensee.”

I would assume this would mean condoms with team logos on the wrappers, and not individual players. Because nothing says “Instant Cold Shower” like taking a break at the height of passion to pull out a condom only to see Peyton Manning’s smiling face staring back at you.

But if we’re going to do this, let’s really do this right. Here are some suggestions for some new sponsorship options the NFL could pursue:

  • Oakland Raiders adult diapers (Al Davis doesn’t just endorse them - he uses them!)
  • Brett Favre waffles
  • Matt Leinart autograph model clipboards