Will Meyer Pull Fast One If Student Beats Gators?

Urban Meyer is touting a race at the Florida spring football game that will pit the fastest UF students against the fleetest football players the Gators can muster.

Students Race Gators For Scholarship

The coach claims that if one of the dorm rats outraces the football players, he’ll be awarded a scholarship. The race will be part of ESPN’s Tim Tebow kneepad display broadcast of the Gators spring scrimmage.

UF already has the hype machine out, claiming to the PALM BEACH POST that one of the student contestants has run a 4.28 40-yard dash in the past. Sure.
Safe to assume that no student will outrace Percy Harvin and Emmanuel Moody. But even if he did, we seriously doubt Meyer would hand over a full ride (the walk-ons must love Meyer’s idea). The whole idea is designed to promote ESPN coverage of the game, which no doubt was greenlit because of some sort of sponsorship package cooked up by the Bristol sales suits.

The irony about the race is that it will be covered more by the media than the actual *game*. Unless of course, Tebow gets hurt (we’re guessing he won’t be allowed in contact though). So from a marketing standpoint, it’s a good idea.

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