Will It Float? Stanley Cup Is The Life Of The Party

One of the great things about being the Stanley Cup is that you get to attend all the post-season parties every year, no matter who wins. Here we see the trophy at a victory pool party at Mario Lemieux’s house this past weekend. (Hey, the Cup is swimming naked!)

Pool party at Mario Lemeiux's house

I’m not quite sure just why the Stanley Cup is so popular at the conclusion of the season, while trophies for the Super Bowl and World Series never get close to the same attention. The Stanley Cup is like Benjamin Franklin in France during the American Revolution; impressing the men with his down-home charisma and charming the ladies with his inexplicable sex appeal (see below).

Hayden Panettiere

The George Halas Trophy, meanwhile, is like John Adams — fuming with jealousy over being virtually ignored. Here’s a Flickr page of the Lemieux party shenanigans, and  THE WORLD OF ISAAC has a report on the ladies of the Stanley Cup. “Marco! Polo!”

Of course I wouldn’t let the Cup in the pool without a good steam cleaning. You don’t know where it’s been.

Lindsey Lohan