Will Ferrell High School Athletic Career A Rousing Kick In The Ball

WILL FERRELL’S JOCK-STRAPPING DAYS STARTED AS YOUTH: Doug Haller of the ARIZONA REPUBLIC reports on the high school sports career of Will Ferrell, polling the actor’s coaches from his alma mater: University High in Irvine, CA.

Will Ferrell

Ferrell played football, basketball and baseball and we’re sad to report that “by all accounts took each sport seriously“. He mostly made his athletic mark as a kicker for the school’s football team, making 14 field goals and 41 of 50 PATS.

Will Ferrell

But as you might expect, that’s not how he’s remembered by head coach Rick Curtis: “Running around with no clothes on, jumping into lockers. Will liked the camaraderie and team aspect of football. He would be serious when he needed to be, but he was probably planning a practical joke most of the time.

Ferrell was a bench player on the school’s hoops squad. Coach Steve Scoggin: “His shot was a work in progress, but Will was real hardnosed, a grinder. He was willing to do the dirty work.

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After Ferrell went on to attend USC, University High assistant football coach Mark Cunningham ran into his father and learned that Ferrell was doing stand-up comedy.

Cunningham then checked out his act and thought, “Wow, Will had better get his degree because he’s horrible.