Wildcat Rips Own Fans After Win Over Gamecocks

Three weeks ago I reported on Kentucky wide receiver Randall Cobb encouraging his Twitter followers to boycott Red Lobster because a hostess there had lamented the football team’s lack of success to him while he waited for a table. (Really.)

Randall Cobb Rips Kentucky Fans On Twitter After South Carolina Win

Saturday Cobb and his teammates went a long way to exorcising that so-called fan attitude with an upset win over South Carolina at Commonwealth Stadium in Lexington.

Randall Cobb Tweets About Red Lobster Diss

But based on Cobb’s Tweets after the game, he apparently was focused on everything but the result on the field.

Instead of celebrating the surprising victory with his Twitter followers, Cobb lashed out at Kentucky fans, again.

Randall Cobb Rips Kentucky Fans

Cobb’s postgame Tweets have since been deleted but thankfully John Taylor saved them for us to all to never forget the appalling persecution at the hands of UK football fans endured by the ever-courageous Cobb.

Speaking of courage, what’s the odds Cobb tells the first reporter who asks him about the postgame Tweets that he actually pays attention to the fans? (Who? Oh, I don’t care what they think.)

Same odds LeBron ever acknowledges that the “Decision” was a personal and professional disaster for him if he loses half - or more - of his endorsement empire in the next five years.