Thy Heathen Wilbon: WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW?

Today ESPN announced Jon Miller and Joe Morgan were being let go from their duties as Sunday Night Baseball announcers on the network after 20 years of service.

Mike Wilbon: Joe Morgan is a god.

No one was hit harder by the news than ESPN PTI co-host Michael Wilbon. Wilbon in the WASHINGTON POST on Morgan: Let me just say that Joe Morgan is God.

To each his ecunemical own.

Mike Wilbon

Myself? I prefer to worship at the altar of the above late-’90s Wilbon publicity glossy.
I don’t have much to say about the passing of Miller & Morgan, as in 20 years I probably didn’t watch enough of their games - check that - as in 20 years I probably didn’t watch enough of their games with the sound on to account for a single game’s worth of work.

So instead, I defer to this poignant tribute to Miller from the SAN DIEGO READER:

Jon Miller, ESPN’s lead play-by-play man, was waiting for me at the curb in front of the Marriott. And the heat was getting to him. A jovial personality with a broadcaster’s silken voice, Miller is stout and was even heavier then, and his bald head was beaded with perspiration.

What really caught my eye, however, when I pulled to a stop where he stood, were his pits. He was wearing a light blue dress shirt, and he had the largest armpit sweat marks I have ever seen, at least on a person not passed out in a puddle of their own fluids or hiking through Death Valley in a wool tuxedo.

*wipes eyes .. reaches for Tony K.’s machine washable handkerchief*