Wilbon Reax To Tony K. Suspension, “Bristol Culture”

Michael Wilbon guested this morning on the Dan Patrick Radio Show and gave his first on-the-record remarks about the two week-suspension of his PTI co-host Tony Kornheiser. (Kornheiser was suspended yesterday by ESPN for two weeks for comments he made about Hannah Storm’s clothes.)

Hannah Storm Boots Photo

On the show, Wilbon was asked why Kornheiser was suspended from PTI but not the ESPN radio show in D.C. where he made the comments that got him punished. (I have an email in to ESPN asking the same question.)

Wilbon: “I didn’t hear the show (Kornheiser’s comments) …  as you know, I’ve never been part of the Bristol culture. I don’t know how these things work. I don’t know what is affiliated and what is owned. I don’t inquire that way I maintain plausible deniability. I feel bad about the whole thing. Hopefully he’ll be back in the seat.

Redskins Owner Dan Snyder owns the ESPN-branded radio station where Kornheiser does his D.C. radio show and the PTI host is said to be close friends with Snyder.