Wifes New Book Reveals Brett Favre Had a Drinking Problem

WIFE’S BOOK REVEALS FAVRE’S PAST DRINKING PROBLEMS: If you ever get the chance to buy Brett Favre a beer, don’t feel slighted if he declines:

Brett Favre Packers beer mug

The MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL learns a new revelation about the record-setting Packers QB from his wife’s new book. Deanna Favre recently released, “Don’t Bet Against Me: Beating the Odds Against Breast Cancer and in Life.”

In the inspirational missive, Deanna details her struggles with the sickness. But a portion of the book touches on Brett’s problems with alcohol abuse.

Although most fans know of Brett’s previous problem with painkillers, most of the public wasn’t aware of his battles with the bottle.

Deanna Favre book

In the book, Deanna writes how after one harsh weekend, she was all packed up and ready to move out on the NFL All-Star. She was on the phone with her divorce attorney, while Brett begged her to reconsider. Deanna gave him an ultimatum: stop drinking immediately, or she & the kids were leaving for good.

Brett realized if he wanted a life with me and the children, he couldn’t drink again. He gave it up completely, and it’s been eight years since he’s had a drink.”

Brett Deanna Favre mag cover

Deanna had told SI’s Peter King that she and Brett never went public with the story, but finally came out with it to help people “who are way down“, and give them hope that “it’s possible to overcome addiction and stay together.”

And it doesn’t hurt book sales, either.