Wife Victoria Blocks Beckham’s Boobiful Interview

In a bid to keep his good standing with the English National Team, David Beckham has blown off the L.A. Galaxy for AC Milan, which will hold an introductory news conference for Beckham tomorrow.

David Beckham Ilaria D'Amico bikini photo

The original plan though wasn’t for a free-for-all presser. The Italian team was counting on having Beckham sit for an one-on-one interview with an Italian sports presenter named Ilaria D’Amico.

Ilaria D'Amico Bikini Photos

But the LONDON DAILY MAIL reports that once Beckham’s wife Victoria got wind of the plan, she spiked the interview after “doing research on the internet” about the stunning, leggy brunette. (Yeah, that’s a healthy relationship.)

Ilaria D'Amico Bikini Photos

Some of what Vic undoubtedly found after the jump.

More specifics from the Daily Mail:

Veteran: Ilaria D’Amico, who has been fronting sports shows since 1997, will interview Beckham at a press conference instead of exclusively But the Italian media are claiming that the format was changed ‘at the request of the Beckham camp’ and after Victoria had ‘researched Ilaria on the internet.’

Ilaria D'Amico Bikini Photos

Leading Italian newspaper La Repubblica even went so far as to say it was because of Victoria’s ‘jealousy’ that the interview with Ilaria was dropped.

Ilaria D'Amico

She debuted on show La Giostra Dei Gol, covered the 1998 FIFA World Cup in France, and has hosted a 2000 special on the UEFA cup.

Ilaria D'Amico Bikini Photos

The unmarried presenter is in a relationship with a television director.

The Beckham camp, of course, is denying the claims of the Italian media. And this may be a case of Sky Sports spreading the rumor after D’Amico failed to lock up the sitdown with Beckham.

While we all laugh at Beckham’s fake celebrity in The States, he’s still hot in places like Italy:

Designers, hotels, gyms, restaurants and schools in the fashion capital are falling over themselves to get a piece of what has been dubbed ‘il fenomeno Beckham’.

Ilaria D'Amico

For his three month stay in Milan Beckham is said to have been given the £1,000 a night Penthouse suite of the Chedi Hotel, close to AC Milan’s San Siro stadium.

Beckham is hanging on with Milan to try to gain more consideration for national team appearances. He’s appeared in 107 matches for England and is one game away from equaling “the 108 England record for midfielders held by Bobbie Moore.

I can’t say that I’m looking forward to those future appearances by Beckham. But Ms. D’Amico? That’s another story.

Ilaria D'Amico Bikini Photos