Wife Deflates Driver For Qualifying Behind Danica

We’re all pleased as punch that Danica Patrick finally won her first race recently. And we’re also tickled pink that Ashley Force tasted victory last weekend, as well. Yes, sir - when it comes to auto racing, sisters are doing it for themselves.

Tony Kanaan Danica Patrick

(Tony Kanaan doesn’t see the problem in being behind Danica Patrick)

However, one fellow female isn’t so pleased with Danica’s recent success - especially when it comes at the expense of her husband. JALOPNIK revs up news that Dani Kanaan, wife of IRL driver Tony, had some harsh words for her hubby when he didn’t qualify ahead of Patrick in a race last year.

During the qualifying rounds of last season’s Mid-Ohio race, Danica finished 2nd while Kanaan placed 3rd. When Dani heard the news, she had a simple request for her Tony:

“Could you do me a favor? In our motor home, in the bedroom, go to my closet. All the way in the back of the closet, there’s a blue dress. Maybe you should wear it next time you qualify!”


Well, Dani was pregnant at the time, so her haphazard hormones might have contributed to her emotional outburst. And she shouldn’t have been so worried, anyway, as Tony finished the race in 4th place, while Danica came in 5th.

However, if the missus remains insistent, Kanaan could always slip on the dress and, since he’s from Brazil, say it’s in celebration of Carnaval!

But Dani should know better than that - Tony’s color is green, not blue!