Why You Don’t Want To Draft An Ugly Quarterback

Throughout the history of the NFL the position of quarterback has been the most difficult one for teams to assess. Many quarterbacks have cost general managers and head coaches their jobs after being taken early in the draft and turning out to be nothing but hot garbage. Guys like Ryan Leaf and Todd Marinovich come to mind. The problem is that while teams fall in love with the big arm and body, you can’t really measure a quarterback’s ability to play NFL football until you see him on the field.

At least, that’s what we thought. Today we learn of a ground-breaking new study that could help general managers around the NFL save their butts when looking for that franchise quarterback. If you can’t decide between two quarterbacks based on their arm strength, 40-time, or Wonderlic score, just pick the better-looking one.


Researchers David Berri, Rob Simmons and Jennifer VanGilder found that good-looking NFL quarterbacks make more money than those who aren’t as handsome, and their ratings put (Chiefs QB Brodie) Croyle in the “below average” category.

“One should note that although looks are statistically significant, it is still the case that other factors — like actual performance on the field — drive the player evaluation process,” said Berri, a sports economist and an associate professor at Southern Utah University.

“What we are finding, though, is that looks appear to have some impact on the assessment of players.”

You know Brodie opened up his newspaper this morning, read this article, and then started to cry. It’s one thing when the local papers write about how bad you suck, it’s something else entirely to read about how ugly you are.

Of course, I do wonder if this study is a bit flawed. First of all, how exactly can you measure somebody’s looks when everybody has differing opinions of what is attractive and what isn’t? Also, did they ever consider that fact that the quarterbacks who make the most money are considered better-looking because they make the most money?

I mean, Tom Brady making $35,000 a year is an average looking guy, but Tom Brady with a $60 million contract? That’s a dreamboat, my friends.