Why Switzerland Isn’t Really Known For Its Hockey

Switzlerland has many iconic tokens. Chocolate? Yep. Tiny militant knives? You betcha. Hockey? Well, no, at least in the way they’d hope. Via THE FACEOFF CIRCLE, they may have gotten shelled by Russia 6-0 at the world championships in Quebec City, but the score is misleading. It was far from a shutout. Swiss defender Philippe Furrer hit a WICKED HARD slapshot into the net for a goal. The goalie never saw what hit ‘em.

Well done. Mr. Furrer! You just scored an own goal!

Teammate Marc Reichert chalked it up to being unlucky, but that’s far from luck. That’s some effin’ skill. Watch how it powerfully penetrates the narrow gap between the right leg and the pole.

Here’s something to do in your spare time. Get a friend, and have him kneel in front of the net. Now get a satchel of hockey pucks, skate to where Furrer resided, and keep blasting shots toward your net. You’re missing a lot of those shots, and now your friend is getting bruise marks on his shins. Good job! Now your friend is pissed at you. But imagine how much more pissed he’d be if one of those shots actually made it. Aren’t you glad you’re not as skillful at hockey as the Swiss?