They’ll Start Preparing When Guinness Runs Dry

We were a play-by-play announcer for several sports over 16 years, so we can be a bit of a geek when it comes to rating announcers (translation: we know you don’t give a damn, but indulge us).

NBA Homer Announcers Tommy Heinsohn Johnny Red Kerr

CAN’T STOP THE BLEEDING found this lovely chart on that rates NBA announcers in a rather clever way. Granted, we don’t know most local NBA announcers from a lawn fire hydrant, but we still love looking at this kind of stuff.

And we do know the worst announcers cited. Sweet!

Large, strapping Irish lads Tommy Heinsohn and Johnny Kerr are ranked the least-knowledgeable announcers. While also being the biggest homers. We find most NBA regular season games to be a colossal bore. But this dynamic duo gives us hope that the games can still somehow be entertaining, for all the wrong reasons:

We’re just amazed Tommy and Red have never had a Sutcliffe moment.