Why Knight Quit: Son Pat Needs The Experience

The LUBBOCK AVALANCHE-JOURNAL (great name for a paper, BTW) digs a little deeper to learn why Bobby Knight decided to step down from his coaching duties. Turns out he was doing it for his kid.

Pat & Bobby Knight

Knight says his self-termination from Texas Tech was meant to help his son Pat into the head coach role: “My thinking was that for Pat and for this team — most of which is returning next year — the best thing for the long run for this team would be for Pat and his staff to coach these remaining 10 games.”

Pat had been designated as his dad’s successor since 2005, but Bobby was worried how the transition could be done in “the most effective way“. After chatting with friend & former coach Pete Newell over the past weekend, Knight decided that leaving Lubbock immediately was the answer.

But Texas Tech’s chancellor says Knight’s departure is about more than just making room for junior.

Kent Hance told THE ASSOCIATED PRESS that the General had enough of the on- and off-court wargames: “He said he was tired, and that it was best to go ahead and do it now.”

Bob Knight ill

Any chance that Bobby might pull a Eddie Sutton and come back at another college? Hance doubts it: “I think Bob is through with coaching. I think he got to the point where it wasn’t fun for him.”

But it’s been so much fun for everyone else.