Why Is Dallas Academy Being Let Off The Hook?

The poor girl’s basketball team that lost 100-0 is gaining more and more national attention by the day. We now know that Dallas Academy is a small private school for girls with learning disabilities, and that the team from Covenant School probably kept the pressure on for a bit too long, not backing off until hitting the century mark.

Dallas Academy

And while I think it’s fine that the the Dallas Academy girls are getting a lot of media love for their perseverance in the face of adversity, why do I keep thinking that the real problem is with the people at their school who allowed their girls to get embarrassed in the first place?

The concept of sportsmanship can be confusing. When does playing hard become unethical? Had Covenant won 70-0 would this be a national story? What if they just stopped trying to score at 40-0? And more importantly, why are they being allowed to play against a team that they could possibly beat by any of these scores?

It’s a no-win situation for everyone. For Covenant, their coaches were apparently supposed to tell the players to stop trying at some point. But why? What about the girls who practice hard but are the last ones off the bench? Should they not be allowed to try their hardest when they get a chance to play, even if it’s 50-0 at that point?

And I just can’t let Dallas Academy’s coaches and staff off the hook here. They haven’t won a game in five years, so it’s clear that playing to win is not part of the equation. And while having a team to promote teamwork and giving the girls a way to compete is admirable, there’s a point in which it just becomes pointless. Why put the girls through that? And why put Covenant in a position that they might become national villains just for playing well against your team that had no business being out there in the first place? They canceled the rest of their season after the game. If they had doubts about their team taking the floor anyway, why did it take that long? But if the team was that important to the girls and the school, why not let them play out the season?

I guess I just feel bad about this in general. I’m happy that the Dallas Academy kids are getting some residual benefits out of this, like getting invited to a Mavericks game by Mark Cuban, but I’m a bit outraged that the girls are being allowed to do things like participate in a fake practice (the season has been canceled, you know) just so ABC can tape a segment about them. So, not only were they subject to embarrassment on the court, now they’re being exploited by the national media.

Are there any adults at Dallas Academy that might want to step in and do what’s best for their kids for once?