Why Glazer’s Shanahan-To-’Skins Piece Deleted?

Last night Jay Glazer posted a piece on the Foxsports.com website that trumpeted the distinct possibility that Mike Shanahan would take over as Redskins coach “as early as this season.

Jay Glazer Mike Shanahan To The Redskins Story Why Was It Deleted From Foxsports.com?

(Full text of piece at the bottom of this post)

That piece was later deleted from the Foxsports.com website, but remains in Google’s cache - for now.

Jay Glazer Mike Shanahan To The Redskins Story Why Was It Deleted From Foxsports.com?

You can also still search it on Google News, but when you click on the story, you get a “page not found” message.

As noted by Dan Steinberg at DC SPORTS BOG, before the article was posted on Foxsports.com, Glazer went on Fox Sports TV yesterday with this:

Jay Glazer Mike Shanahan To The Redskins Story Why Was It Deleted From Foxsports.com?

“It doesn’t matter if you talk to a head coach, a GM, a team president or team owner — everybody in this league, it’s unanimous, they all believe Mike Shanahan will be the next head coach of the Washington Redskins, and they think it’ll happen during the season at one point. Certainly exacerbated by the fact that Daniel Snyder, after they lost to the Lions, flew out to Denver on his private jet, although he claims it wasn’t to meet Shanahan.

You know, the big problem here though, I talked to the league office about it this morning, they said that the only thing they could really do is hire Shanahan on an interim basis during the season because of the Rooney Rule.”

The content of the above Glazer Fox Sports television hit is basically the exact same content as what he posted on Foxsports.com later in the day. So why the delete?

The majority out there will no doubt surmise that it was Snyder who was behind scrubbing Glazer’s piece, but there are other scenarios that could’ve played out.

One possibility would be that Glazer later received information contrary (Florio reported Redskins denial) to his earlier assertions - after his afternoon TV hit. (Which took place before the article was posted online.) But even if that was the case, you wouldn’t think Glazer and/or Foxsports.com editorial would just erase the story. More likely Glazer would’ve posted a follow-up, or updated the original article.

With the latter scenario in mind, I’m more inclined to believe that Snyder had at least something to do with the removal of the article. But that’s a complete guess on my part.

Meanwhile, I have messages into the Glazer and Foxsports.com about the deletion.

Full text of Glazer piece deleted off Foxsports.com:

Sources: Shanahan likely to be next ‘Skins coach
by Jay Glazer
Mike Shanahan could coach the Redskins as early as this season, sources told FOXSports.com.

Current coach Jim Zorn has been on the hot seat for a while and a Week 3 loss to the Lions — who had lost 19 straight games — really hurt his cause.

After that loss, Redskins owner Daniel Snyder flew to Denver on his private jet, though he said it wasn’t to meet with Shanahan.

The Redskins have been unimpressive this season on their way to a 2-3 record. The team has not scored 20 points this year as Washington remains in an offensive funk that began midway through last season.

To help generate points, the Redskins hired longtime offensive assistant Sherman Lewis last week to provide a “fresh set of eyes.”

If the Redskins wanted to oust Zorn — who went 8-8 last season in his first year as coach — during this season and replace him with Shanahan, they’d have to hire first Shanahan as an interim coach because of the Rooney Rule, which requires that teams interview as least one minority candidate when there are head-coaching vacancies.

Shanahan was fired as Broncos coach late in 2008 after the Broncos’ last season collapse caused them to miss the playoffs. He won two Super Bowls in his 14 seasons with Denver.