Erin Andrews Doesn’t Belong In Broadcast Booth

Scott Whitmore of the EVERETT (WA) HERALD recently had a long piece on what he seems to think is the shameful exclusion of women from the “major league” sports broadcasting booth. He gets Andrea Kremer to back him up, as she laments the inability to land play-by-play opportunities and in-game analysis gigs.

Andrea Kremer Erin Andrews

There’s only one gap in Kremer’s otherwise glittering resume: She’s never done play-by-play of a major league game. Nor has she ever been asked to be the “color” analyst on a game broadcast. “That,” she says with a slight twinge of anguish, “is another story.”

Erin Andrews is also part of the piece, but is predictably more diplomatic:

“I’m really content with what I’m doing right now. That’s not to say that women don’t have a place in play-by-play, but … I really like being the eyes and ears on the field.”

The same can’t be said though for Kremer an anonymous female sports media member quoted by Whitmore:

But privately, some women seethe with resentment. “This is the most misogynist part of society,” says one, wary of offending her bosses. “It’s the last bastion of acceptable sexism.” Another adds, “I truly believe you could put Pam Oliver (of Fox), Suzy Kolber (and) Michele Tafoya (of ESPN), Lesley Visser and Andrea Kremer in a booth and they’d completely hold their own. But they’ve never, ever been given a chance.”

Guys, there’s a reason you aren’t doing play-by-play for NFL games, and it has absolutely nothing to do with competence. (John Madden proved that last Sunday.)

Like professional soccer in the U.S., and the NHL in the southern states, women doing PBP for “major league” games just doesn’t fit the time and place we exist in. It doesn’t work and won’t in my lifetime. That isn’t to say that it won’t happen in the future, but for now, that’s why you haven’t seen a booth breakthrough.

The better question is, why are we debating this? Why do we need to have forced, unnatural diversity in every single little area of our lives? If you’re a member of the tiny fraternity of female announcers like Kremer, obviously you’re going to push for inclusion into everything. But does anyone else care that Kremer isn’t doing PBP? Including the majority of women who watch games?

It makes me laugh to here a gutless female media member call TV execs sexist for not giving PBP duty to women. If there was a demand for it, you bet there’d be women in the booth.

The WNBA is another example of forcing something on us that most don’t want. The league has lost hundreds of millions of dollars over the years and could never be sustained without a bi-monthly welfare check from David Stern. So why continue the experiment?

Just as soon as soccer makes it in the U.S., hockey becomes huge in South Florida and the WNBA flourishes, women will be in the broadcast booth for major league sports.

OK, maybe it won’t ever happen after all.