Why Do Cavs Fans Insist On Giving Snow A Ring?

Yes, Eric Snow was an emotional leader for the Cavaliers in recent seasons. He bonded with the citizens of Cleveland and their team, helping take a budding LeBron James under his guidance and showing him how to lead his teammates by example. All of those traits have been good things for the Cavs, but they don’t help explain why so many fans insist that he deserves a championship ring, considering the fact that he’s not even on the team … and that the team hasn’t won a thing yet.

eric snow lebron james cavaliers

(Only one of these guys still plays for Cleveland, both could get rings.)

According to the CLEVELAND PLAIN-DEALER, dozens of Cavs fans have emailed, called and harrassed team personnel, requesting that Snow receive a championship ring if the team wins one this season. Putting aside for a moment the fact that such brash optimism almost ensures something will go wrong, there’s no compelling strain of logic that accounts for why fans would feel Snow deserves a ring.

He didn’t start his career with the Cavs, and while he finished it in Cleveland, he only played there for three-and-a- half seasons, significantly less time than he spent in Philadelphia (which acquired him from his first team, the Sonics, in 1998).

In fact, the best thing that Snow did for the current Cavs team was retire willingly. That cleared $10 million in cap space, which Cleveland used to sign Mo Williams. Clearly, that transaction is working out okay.

Clearly, Cleveland’s connection with Snow is an emotional one, though even the guard himself doesn’t profess to fully understand it:

“I don’t even look at it like that,” Snow said when asked if he still considered himself part of the team. “I look at it as I had an opportunity and I didn’t win [a title], and now I’d like to see people I consider friends and a group I had fun with and was great for me to go out and accomplish something.”

So, friends are now ceding championship rings to friends based on fan support?  How does that make sense?

How can the Cavs even afford it? Given the fact that championship rings are exorbitantly expensive (the cheapest still cost at least a good thousand dollars to make) and are handed out to all team employees, doesn’t the team have more than enough employees to hand out walking, hand-held trophies to?

Maybe not. And maybe they should give one to Snow for getting out of the way and helping the Cavs sign Williams, whose been everything Snow ever was and much, much more this season. It just seems incredibly odd that the fans would be so adamant Snow get credit for the achievements of a team he never spent time playing for.