Why April 25th Will Always Be A Monday For MLB

If you live in Los Angeles, you probably aren’t a big fan of Rick Monday. The current, insufferable Monday-Charley Steiner Dodger broadcast combo is the worst pairing since Star Jones‘ fake marriage.

Rick Monday Snaps Up Flag From Scumbags

But every April 25, we’re reminded of the greatest moment in Monday’s also-forgettable playing career (sorry Youppi!).

It was on this day in 1976 that Monday snapped the American flag away from two nameless scumbags as they attempted to light Old Glory on fire in the Dodger Stadium outfield.

So despite our disdain for Monday’s audio stylings, a tip of the cap is due.

Number of Americans dropping in MLB

It’s a great moment in American history (at least for some of us), but we wonder if it would happen today if a similar scenario played out on the field?

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