Whoops! Photos Of Man In Rehab Weren’t Tiger?

X17Online.com just posted these photos of a man at the Pine Grove rehab center in Hattiesburg, MS.:

Man in rehab wasn't Tiger Woods

Clear evidence that the man in the photos published by the NATIONAL ENQUIRER wasn’t Tiger Woods. Or is it?

Tiger Woods

UPDATE (5:49p ET): RadarOnline is claiming that the man is a deliberate decoy to make people think Woods is not at the rehab center:

In an apparent attempt to confuse the press on Friday, a man dressed in identical clothes to the ones Tiger was photographed in, strolled outside the rehab. Close examination of the photos, however, showed obvious differences in physical characteristic. A Tiger decoy? Perhaps, but not a very good one!

UPDATE (6:40p ET): The Enquirer has also responded, calling the photos a “bizarre ruse” by the clinic.