Whoa Snap! Federer ‘Stole’ Towels Worth $5,000?

Roger Federer officially checked out of the Australian Open today, losing in straight sets in a tournament semi-final match to Novak Djokovic.

Roger Federer took $5,000 in towels from Aussie Open?

(Interview (below) now available to be entered into evidence)

I don’t know what Federer’s portion of the tournament purse will be, but I can confirm that, at the very least, he will take home the equivalent of $672 from his five matches in Melbourne.

After his quarterfinal win over Stanislas Wawrinka earlier this week, ESPN announcer Jim Courier ended his on-court interview with Federer with a probing query:

Courier: “You’ve played five matches, how many towels have you stolen from center court?

Federer: “Are you good in math, or not?

Courier: “Relatively.

Federer: “I guess I took four in each match.”

Courier: “Tennis players are smart enough to do that match. Five times four,  you can make that work for us, 20. I’ll figure it out.

After his visit with Courier, Federer was interrogated asked about his on-court larceny again at his press conference with the media.

Q. What do you do with all your free towels that you get?

ROGER FEDERER: Give them away ’cause my friends all want them. I might take one, if that (smiling).

Thanks to Federer’s eighth straight Aussie Open semifinal appearance today , he took home 24 towels for the tournament. At $28 a-throw, that’s around $700 worth of towels this year alone. ($672)

Multiple that times eight and that’s $5,000 worth of towels - not including Federer’s finals appearances.

Stay thirsty, my friend(s).

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