Who Wouldn’t Want To Be Coached By Grandpa?

One of the most uncomfortable dynamics in sports is that whole father-coaching-son thing. It can go one of two ways: higher expectations (awkward meals at the dinner table), or blind devotion to the dream of vicarious success (Cody Hawkins, starting quarterback). Either way, it’s a pretty obvious conflict of interest and it often ends up sucking for everyone else on the team.

Bill Snyder

(Playing for your own Grandpa? Oh Joy!)

But for as complex and strained the dynamic can be between fathers and sons can be, grandfathers and grandsons are on a whole different tip. That’s because grandparents just give you everything. There’s no expectations, no standards, no nothing, it’s just here you go and don’t tell your dad time for my nap byebye. And that’s how it’s going to be in Kansas State next year.

Per the MANHATTAN MERCURY, KSU’s Bill Snyder will be coaching grandson Tate Snyder next season:

Manhattan High senior linebacker Tate Snyder confirmed Wednesday that he received a scholarship offer from Kansas State and has made a verbal commitment to play for the Wildcats next season.

Snyder, the grandson of K-State head coach Bill Snyder and son of the Wildcats All-American punter Sean Snyder, is leading the Indians on defense this season with two defensive touchdowns, and has played tight end on the offensive side.

Of course, that’s all dependent on Snyder actually lasting until next season; considering the inauspicious beginning to KSU’s season and his age, that’s not certain. Remember, Snyder was happily retired and he only came back for a short time to keep the program stable for a couple years while KSU found a long-term solution.

But while “stable” means a lot of things, like “steady” and “where Sarah Jessica Parker sleeps,” it doesn’t mean dropping a home game to Lousiana-Lafayette, or UL-LAF. Yes, unfortunate acronym, we will laugh. This return is less like Michael Jordan with the Wizards and more like if Muhammad Ali stepped in the ring now. It’s bad.

But hey, now he’s got a grandson to coach. Hope Tate likes Werther’s.