Who Would Poison Pregnant Playmate’s Puppies?

The EAST VALLEY TRIBUNE has the sad story of Adam Archuleta’s girlfriend’s Chihuahuas being poisoned for no good reason.

Jennifer Walcott

Archuleta’s girlfriend is former PLAYBOY playmate Jennifer Walcott, and “the dogs were poisoned with strychnine the day after Christmas while staying with Archuleta‚Äôs mother in Chandler.” A heartless soul laid out strychnine-laced meatballs in the backyard, leading to the demise of the dogs.

Police have no leads on the culprit, but Walcott has endured a determined cyber-stalker in the past, so that might provide a clue to the killings.

Walcott is currently eight months pregnant, and we have pics after the jump.

Jennifer Walcott Pregnant

She’s still pretty damn hot. And it’s nice to know that she still has her other two puppies intact.