Who Wouldn’t Want To Buy A Zamboni/Tiki Bar?

On Sunday afternoon, I went to a Chicago Blackhawks game. It was quite the trip, given the torrential downpour raining down upon the city from the heavens. As I looked out the window to the street below I was pretty sure that the water was going to begin seeping in through the car doors at any moment. Then my date and I got to the United Center, parked the car, and were soaked to the bone by the time we got inside.

So we sat there for the next three hours, soaking wet and sitting in an air conditioned building designed to keep ice from melting. Needless to say, we were rather cold. Throw in the fact that the Blackhawks were busy getting their butts kicked by the hapless Colorado Avalanche, and it was just a crappy day. I remember sitting in my seat thinking that the only thing that could save the day would be a Zamboni/Tiki Bar for me to drink the cold away. If only I had been checking the eBays yesterday morning.


Custom Zamboni – Hockey Hot Rod - Dragster

This is not your granny’s Zamboni.  This thrill-show veteran has had some cosmetic surgery.  After twenty-five years of cruising hockey rinks it now specializes in burn-outs and beach parties.  Looks like a regular Zamboni until you pull the party starter.  Then the lid raises up over the chip bin exposing a full tiki bar, grass skirts, bamboo mats, tiki dolls, exotic cocktails, disco lamps and a huge 454 c.i. Big Block Chevy to move it along.

Yes, please.

If interested in buying this wonderful machine, you have about two days left to bid on it, and the current high bid is at $1,575, which is a bargain and a half. Odds are that price is going to go up though, so pool your friends together and put a bid together.

I say we buy it here at SbB. We can use it to make promotional appearances and what not. Put some of the SbB girls on that sucker and watch the people flock to us. I got a crisp new $10 bill to put into the pool. Who’s coming in with me?

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