Who Do You Hate? Poll Casts Vick As Worst Villain

Not even back on the football field, and already Michael Vick is winning awards. In a poll I can get behind (although I don’t completely agree with the choices), Vick was voted overwhelmingly as the most hated man in sports. Data was collected by E-Poll, an Encino, Calif.-based marketing research firm, and reported by FORBES MAGAZINE.

Michael Vick, Manny Ramirez, Alex Rodriguez

As you have deduced from our photos above, Manny Being Manny and Alex Rodriguez placed and showed, and the remainder of the 10-man field is, well, interesting. A couple of glaring omissions, and couple of WTFs? And don’t worry: Isiah Thomas is there.

Meanwhile, Vick is saying that he’s “getting close” to finding an NFL team, which actually could mean anything. The big money is on the Washington Redskins, from what I understand, but who really knows if he’s had any offers? What’s certain is that he is in serious need of an image overhaul, as an enormous 72 percent in the E-Poll respondents gave him an unfavorable grade.

That’s substantially more than Ramirez’s 57 percent unfavorable rating (although that may skyrocket following today’s news), and Rodriguez’s 53 percent badness.

The rest of the Bottom 10:

4. Terrell Owens (45 percent unfavorable rating)

5. Kobe Bryant (42)

6. Allen Iverson (38)

7. Isiah Thomas (36)

8. Stephon Marbury (36)

9. Nick Saban (35)

10. John McEnroe (31)

Congratulations have to go to McEnroe, for inspiring loathing and venom a full 20 years after he was relevant as a player. And I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with his subsequent broadcasting career, which has been solid.

Anyway, here’s my personal worst five:

5. He Who Shall Not Be Named (this week).

4. Colin Cowherd

3. The guy in the Credit Report.com commercials

2.  Cowherd again, just to be sure

1. Hal, Hank Steinbrenner (choose one)