“White Women Under 30″ Chasing Phils’ Utley?

A.J. Daulerio, writing for PHILADELPHIA MAGAZINE’s Daily Examiner blog, caught up with Phillies center fielder Shane Victorino who happened to be hitting the links at the time of their conversation. Apparently, in Clearwater, mini golf is about as much fun as it gets.

Mini Golf

It’s a hilarious back and forth with questions like “Do you think you’ll have to purposely smash your face into the wall during a routine warning track fly ball to gain acceptance?” and “Did you know that Dobbs is ranked number two on the list of guys on the Phillies that white women under 30 want to bang? He’s behind Utley.

Perhaps Victorino’s best reponse is when asked about running through a stop sign at third base.

Aw … I’ll run through. Hopefully I don’t. Hopefully I get the good signs this year. But if I’m coming around third and I can score easy on a guy like [Geoff] Jenkins like I tried last year … [interrupts self: “You cheat! I want my ball moved back …”]

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