White Warns UCLA: We’re Taking Your Girlfriends

Even though their football face-off is still a couple of weeks away, the hatred between USC & UCLA is a year-long affair. Just ask any SoCal alum-slash-current NFL running back.

LenDale White USC Trojans

(LenDale, back in happier times behind Reggie & Matt’s shadow)

And KLAA-AM’s “Sports Lodge” did just that. Roger Lodge & Dave Smith had ‘SC alum & Tennessee Titans RB LenDale White on their radio show Thursday morning, chatting about the crosstown collegiate rivalry.

To get things rolling, LenDale was told that UCLA alum & Jacksonville Jaguars RB Maurice Jones-Drew had said that he would “not allow” his kids to attend the school known in some Westwood circles as the University of $poiled Children.

So in the honor of fair play, White was given the same scenario: What if his kids wanted to go play in Pasadena for Rick Neuheisel & Co.? (Audio link after the jump)

LenDale’s response? A verbal bruising of the Bruins:

I probably would ground him until he realized that that’s the worst grief you would ever imagine about going to play. You know, powder blue. I guess enough said. Their powder blue uniforms and that ugly mustard color. I don’t know.

“UCLA sucks. It’s the worst school you could ever go to if you were a football player. You know, they never win anything, and SC dominates them, so … you gotta make your choice. If you want to get dominated by your crosstown rival where they can come on your campus and take your girlfriends and stuff, then you take that decision.

(Audio clip can be heard here.)

Hmmm. Pretty strong smack there from LenDale. Mr. Jones-Drew, I believe the ball is back in your court. And keep an eye on your ol’ lady.

In the meantime, all the experts are expecting the Trojans to easily take care of the Bruins on December 6. Well, the last time Pete Carroll & crew came to the Rose Bowl, the Powder Blues had the Cardinal & Gold seeing red after a 13-9 upset. And Bruins LB Bruce Davis helpfully summed up the situation for a couple of ESPN analysts:

Better watch what you say this year, Lee & Kirk.