White Sox Looking to Cash In On Obama’s Appeal

If you’re living under a rock, you might not have heard that Barack Obama became President of the United States today. It certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed by his favorite baseball team, the Chicago White Sox, who are doing everything they can to align themselves with Obama’s “brand.”

Barack Obama White Sox

The Sox had already created a “First Fan” page on their offical website, and are reportedly discussing ways they can capitalize on the unprecedented popularity of the new man in charge. A team spokesman says that hat sales have been up 25% in November and December, which he attributes to Obama’s identity as a White Sox supporter. The club even sent its mascot, Southpaw, to march in today’s inaugural parade.

On the HUFFINGTON POST, Jon Greenberg talks about ways that the White Sox are planning to tie in their marketing efforts with the new Prez. He says that the Sox are going to be inviting Obama to throw out the first pitch at their home opener.

Greenberg also reports that Sox Communications Vice President Scott Reifert has tried to contact the President’s people about doing a White Sox hat that includes the now-famous logo of the Obama campaign:

We’ve reached out with the concept of coming up with a hat that has the Obama logo from the campaign, maybe the Obama name on it,” Reifert said. “Maybe a percentage of sales would go to charity or something. We haven’t had any conversations about it, so it’s premature. They haven’t responded to it, but I’m sure they’re a little busy right now.”

Reifert’s not just some overzealous fanboy trying to squeeze his way in. He and Obama actually know each other. This article in TEAM MARKETING REPORT talks about the relationship between the two, and also mentions that Obama is friendly with Sox GM Ken Williams:

When a picture of Obama wearing an old Sox hat was published earlier this year, the chairman (Jerry Reinsdorf) instructed Reifert, who also lives in Hyde Park and whose children go to school with Obama’s kids, to send the candidate a new one.

“When I’ve dropped kids off for play dates, when he has stopped by our house or when he drops the kids off at school, he is ALWAYS wearing his Sox cap,” Reifert wrote in an e-mail.

The team is also reveling in a number of design firms that have come up with concepts merging Obama and the White Sox. One such site is called BRINGCHANGEHOME.COM, which features a few computer wallpaper designs featuring Obama in his White Sox cap. One design uses the tagline “Change the Country, Change the World, Just Don’t Change Your Sox.”

I imagine that the White Sox are much more excited these days about the display of their logo than they were 15 years ago when their iconic black cap rose to prominence as Dr. Dre’s headwear of choice.

No word on whether the Wilmington Blue Rocks will be taking advantage of Joe Biden’s newfound fame.

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