White Sox Fans Allowed to Booze Beyond the 7th

Just like their neighbors to the North, the White Sox find themselves in an 0-2 hole in the first round of the playoffs.

White Sox Fan Bar

While Cubs’ fans are turning to Allah for answers to their suffering, White Sox fans seem to be handling their hardships a little better. There are two possible reasons why: 1) They were alive the last time their team won a championship and 2) the bars surrounding U.S. Cellular Field will be serving up the numbing effects of alcohol beyond the 7th inning of tomorrow’s Game 3.

CHICAGO BREAKING NEWS reports, “Chicago officials say they won’t ask bars around U.S. Cellular Field to take a voluntary break from selling alcohol starting in the seventh inning when the White Sox return home for Game 3 of the postseason playoffs.

The city of Chicago is sympathetic to Sox fans. They must know that it can’t be easy to root for a team that could possibly known as “the first team to ever lose a playoff series to the Tampa Bay Rays.”

That’s the kind of pain you can’t get rid of, you just have to try to forget it. What better way to forget about losing to the Rays than with a late night of alcohol-induced bad decisions?

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