When Your League Folds, Just Go on a Rampage

I bet you thought when it came to Vikings and illegal activity, Minnesota and its sex cruise would stand alone. You thought wrong. Members of the Jamestown (NY) Vikings, a Mid-Atlantic Hockey League team, went on a rampage after finding out the league was going belly-up.


After the league announced the season was canceled, some Vikings decided their next course of action shouldn’t be looking over the job ads, but to cause “at least $25,000″ worth of damage to the historic Vikings Lodge. I’m not sure if the building’s name is coincidence or if the players were looking for an ironic target for their rage.

For me, the strangest part of the story is a form of the word “arrest” is nowhere to be found.

“Police removed the individuals from the building after they had been identified. … Though many of the players have left town, (Lt. Todd) Isaacson said police will be able to make contact with them if need be. He also said it is possible that some of those responsible may end up serving jail time.”

Jamestown sounds like a cool city. You can cause a ton of damage to property and skip town without ever being charged with anything. I think this story is a stirring tribute to the desire of people to live like Vikings, even if your hockey league strips you of that title.