When Your Fantasy Football Draft Ends In Gunplay

Perhaps only in Texas could a fantasy football draft end with guns blazing, two people in the hospital and Plaxico Burress chosen early in the second round. That last part is a writer’s embellishment, but it fits with the other activities that occurred early Sunday morning in Keller, Texas, when a dispute over noise at a fantasy football party ended with one neighbor shooting another.

Edward M. Stewart had gone to his back fence to complain to his neighbor, Ryan Roh, that his fantasy draft party was too loud. One thing led to another, and Roh jumped the fence to fight Stewart, and after some pushing, Stewart produced a gun and shot Roh in the abdomen. Oh, and the bullet also hit Stewart’s own wife in the leg. That’s why I’m participating in my draft online this year.

Shockingly, alcohol seems to have been involved. From the FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM:

“The two were at the fence when the suspect told the victim that he would fight him if he climbed over into his back yard,” Lt. Brenda Slovak said Monday. “The victim climbed over the fence.”

Stewart and the victim were both intoxicated, police reported.

The two pushed each other for a few minutes, and Stewart’s wife tried to intervene, police said.

Stewart is accused of pulling out a revolver and shooting the neighbor in the abdomen, police said.

The bullet went through the man and lodged in Stewart’s wife’s leg, police said.

“One of the friends of the victim was at the back fence, saw what happened and jumped over to help his friend,” Slovak said. “But he jumped back over when the suspect threatened him.”

Here’s a still taken from a video from the CBS-11 story on the incident, which apparently shows people from the fantasy draft party lined up near a fence waiting to be questioned by police. It also shows that it’s against the law in Texas to participate in a fantasy sports draft while wearing anything but brown shorts.

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