When Will Wie Win and Will We Wish Wie Well?

Last Friday, Darren Rovell tried to answer the musical question, “When will Michelle Wie win?” He listed her recent mild successes (making cuts, qualifying for the Women’s U.S. Open, not accidentally shooting her eye out, etc.) while pointing out that she still hasn’t won a damned thing except $10m in endorsements. That sounds full of win to us.

Michelle Wie

However, Mr. Rovell, we have a bone to pick with you, sir. We have much respect for your work at CNBC, but we note you actually asked a different question in your Friday piece: “Will Wie Live Up To Endorsements?” We’re fairly certain these are two entirely different topics.

While winning certainly would raise her profile, we don’t know that Michelle Wie has to win to justify her endorsements. We don’t think most of Anna Kournikova’s endorsers are asking for their money back. She sold cameras, tennis balls, and magazines quite adeptly.

Perhaps Wie has to win to cover that lost ground between $10m in endorsements and selling $10m worth of profit, goodwill, etc. that businesses expected when they jammed a patch on her shoulder or bumped her in front of cameras to wave on cue.

However, we don’t know if that’s true; we don’t see a direct correlation between winning and endorsements. (Mr. Duncan, please wave to the nice man.)

And actually, Darren, you’re the first person we’d ask to answer that question. Call us. Use whatever phone Michelle’s sponsoring for bonus points.