When David Stern Talks, Even Mark Cuban Listens

The contentious playoff series between the Mavericks and Nuggets may have ended on Wednesday, but the off-court drama surrounding it continues. Yesterday, Nuggets coach George Karl stoked the flames surrounding Carmelo Anthony’s fiancee’s fight club video, keeping that brouhaha brewing long past its expiration date. Today, the original Nugs-Mavs offcourt drama, the feud between Mark Cuban and Kenyon Martin’s mom got another jolt, keeping it out ahead of the pack.

David Stern & Mark Cuban

Cuban may have thought that a crummy blogpology (buzzword!) would be enough to end the tiff between himself and Kenyon Martin’s mom, but almighty NBA commish David Stern has decreed otherwise.


Stern, via the Associated Press, said he had asked Cuban to apologize more directly to Kenyon Martin’s mother, Lydia Moore.

“I thought it was an attempt at an apology in the blog, which is the way Mark communicates,” Stern said. “But [players’ association director] Billy [Hunter] and I agreed that something more was called for and I called Mark and suggested he reach out, which I’m reliably informed he did.”

Still, according to AP, Stern wasn’t sure if Cuban had contacted Moore.

Mark Cuban rather famously eschews such ancient technology as the telephone, preferring to communicate almost solely through electronic means. Maybe Stern is of the opinion that forcing Cuban to personally interact with another human being will be punishment enough. Mark Cuban might be the one with billions of dollars in the bank, but when Big Daddy Stern lays down the law, even Cuban ultimately falls in line.