When Animals Attack: Mike Tirico MNF Mosquito

Mike Tirico mosquito encounter

You’ve got to hand it to Mike Tirico; he’s a true professional. Even when attacked by a ravenous mosquito, he never loses focus on the job at hand. That insect is sucking the very lifeblood from the ESPN broadcaster; perhaps even siphoning off a microscopic percentage of his considerable talent … hey, there’s a lot about the culicidae family of insects that science has yet to understand.

But Tirico never flinches. Video of this shocking attack following the jump.

Love Gruden’s valiant effort not to react: It’s like he’s watching a wild animal segment on Letterman.

And just in time for Halloween, here’s a version of the video with vampire sound effects.

(Remember, kids! Whether hiking in the woods or broadcasting an NFL game, always bring plenty of mosquito repellent! It could save your life)