What’s This All A Boot? Tom Brady Spotted In Cast

PAGE SIX gets a leg up on Tom Brady, as they spot the New England star in a cast. Strange, since you’d think it would’ve been the other QB on the Foxboro field that would have had the more pressing need for one.

Tom Brady cast arrow

The Pats signal caller was caught outside girlfriend Gisele Bundchen’s Big Apple apartment on Monday, and his stylish faded jeans couldn’t hide the fact that his right foot wasn’t concealed in an ordinary sneaker.

When asked about the apparently injury during an appearance on WEEI radio, Brady calmly responded, “Ah, you know, there‚Äôs always bumps and bruises….It’s nothing serious.” Not surprisingly, the Patriots had no comment about their MVP’s situation.

How does Brady really feel about wearing a walking cast?

TMZ goes to the videotape:

Tom Brady cast video

In the 1-minute clip, neither Bundchen nor Brady were in a chatty mood with the cameraman - who asked Gisele if she enjoyed Sunday’s game, and pleaded with Brady to flash that golden smile of his. Both questions were met with no response - except with a vicious bark from Gisele’s tiny pooch.

Guess the pain must be so intense, it hurts to talk.

(Word of warning to TMZ viewers: Don’t be surprised if a Mike Huckabee video shows up instead, as we’ve encountered some bugs with TMZ’s video player.)